Jan 28 2010

And now for something completely off topic from Joanne Taylor PR


Where do dreams take us?

I woke from a dead sleep yesterday morning at 3:45. I had just dreamed I was seated at a table with three things on a plate in front of me. The surroundings were unfamiliar. I understood the three things in front of me to represent people but then they were simply food—a chicken-fried steak, a pancake, and a solid gold bar of something topped with candy diamonds. The only thing I would actually eat is the pancake, I thought to myself in the dream, but my children were saying, from somewhere off in the distance, that they would eat all three.

Then, there was some sort of reward for these things, advertised in a magazine. The rewards were displayed in a photo taken of my mom’s house in the ‘50s. I thought this was cool because I was able to get a glimpse of what her house and the things inside it looked like before I was born.

The rewards included three things (again 3). All of them were jewelry. A locket her grandmother gave her, a horseshoe shaped diamond ring, and something else that I can’t remember now. But I do recall that it was something she had extracted gold from after finding out its value and weight, and this information was included in the advertisement.

My mom never owned any of these things but the father of a childhood friend of mine owned the ring. He was a pit boss in Vegas.

All the while this is going on, I’m thinking I have to remember it and write it down. So, that’s what I was doing at 3:55 a.m. Somehow, today, I was able to read my notes and tell the tale.

So, what’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

Jan 26 2010

TV most promising form of new media


In yesterday’s “Lifestream” column, Steve Rubel shares results from a Forbes survey of chief marketing officers re. 2010 budgets and focus areas. There are some interesting comments from Steve, and some useful information in the survey itself. Still, you can just imagine a report like this coming out when television was a new medium: “TV seen as the single-most promising form of new media!”   

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Jan 22 2010

Boise-based Joanne Taylor PR: Social media is not a strategy


It’s a medium. Just like TV, the Web or earned media. You don’t start with a social media strategy. You start with a marketing strategy, then employ social media as one of the ways to execute the strategy. For those who keep up with the industry, this isn’t news.

Still, I hear a lot of chatter from people who claim to be social media experts and promise to solve all the marketing ills of the world with a Facebook page, twitter account, or LinkedIn group.

Don’t get me wrong. Social media is effective, as a medium, when used appropriately and judiciously. And, its impact has been proven many times over.

But to hang your hat on social media isn’t doing the company(ies) you represent or yourself any favors. And, it’s limiting to your longevity. It surprises me that even some of the most popular social media players fail to talk about how the tools measure up in the context of the bigger picture–a strategic, integrated marketing plan.

I enjoyed coffee and a good chat yesterday with Sydney Sallabanks of Gallatin Group who said she, too, was tired of social media hype and the number of people claiming to be social media experts. “So what?” she said. “So is my 14-year-old!”

Last thought and something to keep in mind for those who are overusing social media tools: If you are always on–your audience might soon turn off.

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Jan 20 2010

Now, I begin (again)


First post. Start a blog. One of the items on a list of things I’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time. It’s not perfect yet. Building in progress.

Also on the list is learning to ride a motorcycle. This is a new thing that came about after working with Diane Norton (cool, smart lady at Idaho Division of Tourism) and Harley Davidson last summer on a Selkirk Loop trip for female writers/bikers. We named the trip Cruising the Loop and had some fun with it online. Diane is working with Harley on Cruising the Loop 2010, and I’ve been invited to ride! More on that later.

Right now, I want to explain why I have time to get to my list. Starting today, I am working independently as an Idaho public relations practitioner, and a writer. I will continue to work for Drake Cooper on a contract basis, as the agency will no longer have an in-house PR team but will continue to offer PR services. This allows me and the agency greater flexibility, and frees me up to chase some dreams and desires I have yet to fulfill.

I will continue to teach at BSU, serve on the board of the Idaho chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, and provide PR consultation and services to the Idaho Division of Tourism, Idaho Dept. of Agriculture, and Keynetics, Idaho’s largest privately held tech company, and its subsidiaries. Hopefully, there will be others but that’s a good start! And, as always, I’ll spend as much time as possible hanging out with my daughters.

New things on the horizon include Cruising the Loop, which I mentioned earlier, and a community project I’m working on called “Refresh Boise Public Schools” to benefit the Boise Public Schools Education Foundation. This project is related to the “Pepsi Refresh Project” that this year will award millions of dollars in grants to local, non-profit programs. More on that later, too. For now, check out Pepsi’s project and come up with an idea for something you want to fund.

Thanks for taking time to read about my goings on…  Basically, what you’ll find on my blog is bits and pieces about PR, marketing and advertising, and some news commentary and analysis. Guest bloggers are welcome, so if you have something to say about related topics, chime in.

My new contact info is on the site, so you know where to find me.

Until the next time….