Boise-based Joanne Taylor PR to donate $3,500 worth of BSU merchandise


What do you do when a friend calls from Vegas and says he has six large boxes full of Boise State merchandise left over from the Maaco Bowl and asks you to sell it for him in a place where more people would be interested in buying it–a place like Boise.  Makes sense, right? And easy enough to do. Turns out, though, that not that many people are interested in BSU football gear once the season is over and, in this case, the bowl game is history.

Out of six boxes, I still have four. Great looking, high-quality hats, t-shirts and hoodies. I didn’t want to ship it back and my friend wasn’t too enthused about taking up space in his warehouse. So, I bought it for one lump sum, on behalf of Boise-based Joanne Taylor PR, so I could donate it to a local, youth-based non-profit.

My first thought was the Treasure Valley Boys and Girls club. There didn’t seem to be much interest there, though, and I started to think that it would be better to give it to a group that is less visible but in just as much need. The merchandise, worth about $3,500 at retail, could either be given away to the kids that the non-profit serves or sold to help fund programs.

I’m still working through this so let me know if you have any suggestions…

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