Joanne Taylor of Boise: Why allow comments to go unchecked?


Joanne Taylor of Boise takes on rogue commentators and those who give them license to operate.

People who have nothing to do, no originality, and no ability to think and express themselves rationally can be found online, lurking in the comment section of your local newspaper.

Most of them are faceless because they lack the courage to show themselves or identify who they really are. They complain about the world’s ills, about the way people are doing their jobs, about government injustice. They make false accusations, and speak hurtful untruths. Yet, they have no solutions or meaningful suggestions. Most likely, they rarely even leave the house.

So why is it that we and, worse yet, online news editors allow them to persist? It’s not that difficult to monitor comments and filter them out. News sources that view themselves as credible, and want others to do the same, should either monitor their comment sections or turn them off.

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