Nov 12 2011

Burlington Free Press Sets the Stage for Comment Moderation


Finally. In a blog post a few days ago, David Farr, the “Online Director” (love that title) at the Burlington Free Press, proclaimed that the .com version would no longer accept comments from anonymous readers. While some are claiming violation of free speech, I say good riddance.

If you care to comment, identify yourself

In an earlier, related post at Joanne Taylor PR, I said that those who remain anonymous do so because they lack the courage to show themselves or identify who they really are. They complain about the world’s ills, about the way people are doing their jobs, about government injustice. They make false accusations, and speak hurtful untruths. Yet, they have no solutions or meaningful suggestions.

News editors have for too long given faceless people a platform. I hope Burlington Free Press’ move to moderate comments is the start of what’s to come from other news outlets.