Jan 22 2010

Boise-based Joanne Taylor PR: Social media is not a strategy


It’s a medium. Just like TV, the Web or earned media. You don’t start with a social media strategy. You start with a marketing strategy, then employ social media as one of the ways to execute the strategy. For those who keep up with the industry, this isn’t news.

Still, I hear a lot of chatter from people who claim to be social media experts and promise to solve all the marketing ills of the world with a Facebook page, twitter account, or LinkedIn group.

Don’t get me wrong. Social media is effective, as a medium, when used appropriately and judiciously. And, its impact has been proven many times over.

But to hang your hat on social media isn’t doing the company(ies) you represent or yourself any favors. And, it’s limiting to your longevity. It surprises me that even some of the most popular social media players fail to talk about how the tools measure up in the context of the bigger picture–a strategic, integrated marketing plan.

I enjoyed coffee and a good chat yesterday with Sydney Sallabanks of Gallatin Group who said she, too, was tired of social media hype and the number of people claiming to be social media experts. “So what?” she said. “So is my 14-year-old!”

Last thought and something to keep in mind for those who are overusing social media tools: If you are always on–your audience might soon turn off.

Until the next time….