Dec 6 2010

Facebook, twitter unleash the (cowardly) lions


Facebook and twitter were alive last week with mean-spirited, angry people who used someone’s misfortune to unleash their fury. That someone isn’t a high school misfit or attention-grabbing celebrity. That someone is Kyle Brotzman, a Boise State Bronco who has scored more points than any other player in the school’s history. He’s the NCAA’s active career scoring leader–a guy who has made numerous key plays for the Bronco’s.  A few missed field goals against the University of Nevada, and people start bashing him relentlessly. The treatment he got was so unfair that the Los Angeles Times took note in this article entitled, Boise State’s Kyle Brotzman is a kicker with enough foot but too much on his shoulders.

By now most everyone has seen or heard about this story. My points here are simple, and there are only two. First, this ridiculous state of affairs is reason #43 I say be wary of social media sites and the “friends” who frequent them. Sadly, many who are quick to point fingers, laugh, criticize and ridicule have found a platform-and a hiding place-on Facebook and twitter. Most everyone sees them for who they are, but best to ignore them.

Second, those who are too weak to address an issue with someone face to face, rather than whisper behind walls, and are so miserable that their only enjoyment comes from watching others in pain, should seriously consider a new gig.