Aug 31 2010

You can build your own website, really


I’m about to start building another website. It’s not that I don’t like this one or that I’m not happy with the work my sister and I have done on Travel Beauty Health, but I’m going to start to offer another service that will require its own voice. More about that later. Right now, I’d like to focus on my original thought, which is if I can build a website, anyone can.

For some, it might seem like an unsurmountable task, and getting started is daunting. But the only way to begin, as they say, is to begin. Do they say that? Maybe not. I might have made it up.

Anyway, the first thing I did when I was ready to start was to search for “popular WordPress templates.” Templates range from simple and free to complex and expensive, and everything in between. I recommend starting with simple and free, unless you know someone who is willing to help.

The level of difficulty and amount of time it takes to build a website depends on the complexity of the template you choose. So, keep that in mind too. Although you’re working with a template, there’s lots of flexibility.

Once you choose a template and download, there’s plenty of support to be found but you can save a lot of time if you have the ear and/or help of a friend or business associate. I could not have built either of my sites without my big sis’ Michelle.

Populating and updating the site is the easy part. And, it’s fun. So, don’t delay any longer. You can do this.