Aug 8 2010

Top 5 tips for pitching in the digital era


During the past year, I’ve seen several lists of tips and tactics for marketing and PR pros who are using social media. I tend to think of it a little more broadly, as our work online is not simply confined to social media, and some old rules apply. We just execute them differently. With that in mind, and as a follow up to my last blog post, which was quite a while ago because I’ve been on hiatus, I’ve come up with my own list: Top 5 tips for pitching in the digital era.

  • Brevity is key. Think twitter (140 characters). Attention spans are short, time constraints intense. Start with the hook rather than an introduction.
  • Use twitter or Facebook to pitch an editor or writer, if you notice that they allow direct messages. Again, start with the hook.
  • Make it easy for journalists and bloggers to access digital imagery, including screen grabs, photos and logos. Make sure captions are included with all images. If you can’t get the company you represent to put the images on its site, simply put them on Flickr or Photobucket.
  • Include a link to video or embed a photo in your pitch. Showing editors and/or bloggers what you’re talking about is more powerful than any amount of words.
  • Include links to related information, story resources, stats, and anything else that will help craft a good story.

Note: I submitted this to PRSA’s Tactics a few months ago, though not sure if it was ever printed. If you’ve seen it there, sorry for the repeat!